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World-Class 24 x 7 Remote + On-Site Tech Support Services Across All Platforms.

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Flexible Remote + On-Site Support Plans

Choose the plan that aligns with your needs.

On-Site Pay-as-you-go

On-Site pay-as-you-go support
$ 150
  • Rapid Dispatch
  • National Coverage
  • Windows, Mac & Linux Support
  • Certified Technicians
  • Remote Support

Business Monthly

Flat Rate Monthly Support Package
$ 500
  • Same-day Dispatch
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • 5 On-Site Visits Included Monthly
  • National Coverage
  • Update Management
  • Security Management
  • 24 x 7 Technical Support
  • Windows, Mac & Linux Support
  • For up to 10 Computer
  • Certified Technicians
  • Remote Support

Do you need support for more than 10 computers?
Contact us. We can help.

Types of Support Available

Dive into our wide array of specialized services, tailor-made to resolve challenges across diverse software and systems. Whether you’re an individual user or a business, our expertise ensures you experience technology at its best.

PC Support

Experience comprehensive assistance tailored for Windows users. From software glitches to hardware issues, our team ensures your PC runs seamlessly and efficiently.

Mac Support

Dedicated to Apple enthusiasts, our Mac Support addresses system updates, application issues, and more, ensuring your macOS experience remains smooth and enjoyable.

Linux Support

Navigate the complexities of Linux environments with ease. Our experts assist with distributions, software installations, and system optimizations for both newbies and seasoned users.

Microsoft Outlook Support

Eliminate email hiccups and calendar confusions. Our team offers expert guidance for Outlook setup, synchronization, and troubleshooting to optimize your communication experience.

QuickBooks Support

Streamline your accounting and financial tasks. We provide expert solutions for installation errors, data backups, and transaction queries in QuickBooks.

Tableau Support

Enhance your data visualization projects with our Tableau assistance. Whether it's dashboard designs or data integrations, we ensure clarity and precision in your analytics.

Microsoft Excel Support

Unravel the potentials of spreadsheets. Our team aids in formula troubleshooting, data visualization, and advanced features, empowering your Excel projects.

Microsoft Word Support

Craft documents with finesse. From formatting hitches to template questions, our Word support ensures your content shines.

Adobe Photoshop Support

Elevate your digital artistry. Our Photoshop experts assist with tool queries, layer issues, and editing techniques, ensuring your images achieve professional quality.

Adobe Illustrator Support

Unleash your vector creativity. Whether it's design intricacies or tool challenges, our Illustrator support enhances your graphic design journey.

Zoom Support

Navigate virtual meetings effortlessly. From setup and hosting to troubleshooting, we ensure your Zoom sessions run without a hitch.

Google Workspace Support

Maximize productivity in the Google ecosystem. We cover Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and more, streamlining collaboration and communication for your team.

Salesforce Support

Optimize your CRM processes. Our Salesforce support assists with dashboard configurations, report generation, and customization, driving your business growth.

Microsoft Power BI Support

Delve deep into data analytics. We aid in report creation, data sourcing, and visualization techniques, maximizing insights with Power BI.

Google Sheets Support

Master online spreadsheets. Our support covers functions, data analysis, and integrations in Google Sheets, ensuring efficient data management.

What our customers say:

4.97 Star Rating: "Excellent"

Don’t just take our word for it. Review some of the reviews from our past and current customers.

Sarah Thompson
Austin, TX
Read More
Exceptional support! The Microsoft Office support team was extremely helpful in resolving my Excel issue. Their prompt response and professional attitude made the experience seamless!
Mike Johnson
Los Angeles, CA
Read More
Absolutely stellar service! The representative was so patient and walked me through every step to fix my Outlook problem. So thankful for their efficient and friendly support.
Evelyn Foster
Sacramento, CA
Read More
Tech Guys 2 Go was incredibly helpful with my Zoom setup! Quick, professional, and knowledgeable! Couldn't have asked for better support!
Nicholas Torres
Kansas City, MO
Read More
I was struggling with some Tableau visualizations, and Tech Guys 2 Go stepped right in! The clarity and efficiency of their support were unparalleled.
Abigail Morris
Mesa, AZ
Read More
Thanks for resolving my Outlook syncing issues!
Samuel Cook
Atlanta, GA
Read More
These guys truly know their stuff! My Google Sheets problem was solved in no time, and I learned a few new things along the way.
Aiden Cox
Minneapolis, MN
Read More
I had a challenging issue with Adobe Acrobat, and Tech Guys 2 Go sorted it out swiftly! Exceptionally skilled and very approachable!
Mason Mitchell
Cincinnati, OH
Read More
I had persistent driver conflicts, and Tech Guys 2 Go sorted them out in no time! Their professionalism and expertise are truly commendable.
Liam Scott
Houston, TX
Read More
The support team was a great help in fixing my SharePoint permissions issue. Their prompt response and clear instructions were highly appreciated. Excellent service!
Benjamin Lee
Las Vegas, NV
Read More
Fantastic help with my Access database! The support team was knowledgeable and resolved my issue swiftly. Their professionalism is truly praiseworthy.
Oliver Powell
Anaheim, CA
Read More
Having trouble with Asana, I contacted Tech Guys 2 Go, and it was the best decision! Fast, friendly, and highly proficient.
Ava Martinez
Anchorage, AK
Read More
Facing Windows crashing errors was frustrating until Tech Guys 2 Go stepped in! Their prompt and skilled support had my PC running like new.